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Why You Should Book EconoRides Shuttle Service for Your Next Trip to the Airport

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Don’t just hope for a great trip, Plan for it! If you’re new to booking with Econorides, Let’s start at the beginning of your next trip. You know where you’re going and you’ve already purchased your plane tickets.


Our Process for Atlanta Airport Shuttle Service


Booking: Before you even pack your bags, you will begin to weigh your options of how to get to the airport. If you choose to drive yourself, there is no type of booking needed. You will load your luggage in your car, drive to the airport, and try to find a parking spot. If you chose to hire someone to drive you to the airport, you have 2 options, EconoRides Shuttle Service, or a type of ride share program. With a rideshare program, you can schedule your pickup in advance, but the rider has the option to cancel the pickup. With EconoRides, your departure and arrival times are booked within 60 seconds! Plus, no cancellation fears! We have several drivers to ensure that you get to where you’re going safely, and on time.


Itinerary: When booking your plane tickets, you will be creating your itinerary. Now let’s say that your flight’s arrival time changes. EconoRides tracks all incoming flights from our office, and we generally know the airline’s arrival time(s) well in advance. We make every effort to schedule our shuttles accordingly. But you are also free to text/call as well with any known flight delays or potential delays in your scheduled shuttle pick-up time.


Safety: With a rideshare program, you don’t know who you will be picking you up. At EconoRides, all drivers must pass rigorous driving and background checks prior to coming onboard. Once they join the team, each driver is properly trained prior to taking the keys. Continuous training and attention to details is vital to our search for excellence. If we wouldn’t put our own family in the shuttle, we wouldn’t put yours. As the owner of econorides I hand pick each driver, because I only want people driving my family that I know and trust. That’s why you can trust EconoRides with your precious cargo.


Luggage: Let our driver take your luggage and load it in the van for you, no heavy lifting required. 


Driving: Why drive yourself and sit in Atlanta traffic when you can sit in the back of one of our shuttles stress free? You can make calls, read emails or just put in your headphones. We also utilize our peach pass to get you there even quicker.


Parking: When driving yourself to the airport, you will need to find a parking spot, which will set you back $19 a day. The stress of looking for parking can also make you late. With parking yourself, you could possibly have a full mile walk to the airport entrance in unpredictable Georgia weather. But with us, we drive you to the front entrance curb in the comfort of our temperature controlled van, saving you time and energy. 


Traveling can be stressful, let us make it easier for you! EconoRides will pick you up and drop you off at the airport, taking away the stress of sitting in traffic, finding a parking spot and even shortening your overall trek. Book your departing/returning reservations today!


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